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Kapil Gupta


Minka Dorer


Management Team

                    Komal Kumawat

Komal Kumawat

Project Head - Child Development (Jaipur - District)
                    Anju Negi

Anju Negi

Project Head - Women Empowerment (Jodhpur District)

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Priyanka Gaur

A good organization, the head of this organization doing lots of work since long she has done lots of good activities in women empoerment projects as well orphanages..... All the very best!

Jodhpur, India

Misha Sergeev

Encouraging. Hold on to it!


Ishtiyak Ahmed

Like good organization and doing great work for child and women keep doing ... Keep growing, well done!

Jaipur, India

Varsha Gaur

I can is doing great job. The head of the organization is doing great work along with her other co workers. The best of the faculty is available. "I Can Foundation" is is giving rise to new India...

Jodhpur, India

Ashok Singh

"I CAN" is doing good job and we all should participate and donate...

Ahmedabad, India

Neha Choudhary

A right place to help slum women and street children..A team of highly dedicated workers. I suggest everyone to visit this place once, they don't want any gift from you, they are simply happy with your presence... Good job??

Ganganagar, India

Vani Madhav Pradhan

One of the best organisations I came across which are working on women and child development. This organisation has catered the need of the hour in the field of women and child care and protection...

Ahmedabad, India

Komal Kumawat

Genuine team with lots of efforts to make a good change in eduction of slum children in different location in jaipur.

Jaipur, India

Minika Dorer

I am amazed with how well Rinki has done to achieve her goal for women empowerment! She is smart and has a lot of compassion towards those who have less in this world! She has created...



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