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Government of India, societies, and the citizens of India are the responsible persons in order to empower the lower communities and bring them out of difficulty. In India the biggest and the most marginalised community is its children. After so many research it has been found that at every stage of their life, India’s children face challenges like malnutrition, child labour, stunting, forced begging, etc. Child Development NGOs in India have appeared as the saviour of countless number of children without home, food, cloth, education and basic health facilities. They take numerable for actions to give every child a better future.

Millions of children have no access to education, work long hours under hazardous conditions and are forced to serve as soldiers in armed conflict.Strategies and the hard work by NGO workers, can make a change in the lives of these children in every prospect.

Take a look how NGOs in India are working for child development.

  • Eliminating Malnutrition

India is in one of the fastest growing countries and running the largest anti-malnutrition campaigns. Despite spending billions on child nutrition campaigns, our country’s children health is still one of the big issue in present days. As per the most recent available data, around 40% of children under five are undernourished.This condition is so bad in India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh.

NGO`s like I CAN FOUNDATION  also fight against the Malnutrition through their campaign “ FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER” by distributing healthy food to poor children regularly.

I Can Foundation

Additionally, the NGO has many numbers of volunteers across India, however the NGO is mainly working in Rajasthan and have head office in Jaipur.

  • Eliminating Child Labour

Child labour is one of the major problem in the world as it affects the children in both kind mentally and physically. It also ruin the future of children. It is the serious issue not only in India but also in the other developing countries. The main reason which comes up behind this is poverty. It should take very seriously as these children are the future of India. There were many laws made to prohibit child labour but they are ineffective. According to 2017 statics India is one of the leading countries in Asia has 33 million children employed in various forms of child labour.Locals in villages and cities are also instructed to report child labour at businesses. Reducing its demand is one of the most effective ways of ending child trafficking and labour.

I CAN Foundation is a NGO in India which reaches out to educate about the wrongs of child labour. I CAN Foundation also have good relationship with public and connected with some people to report child labour. I CAN Foundation also advising these children families to not put their child in the world of slavery.

  • Promoting Child Education

We all know that India have the world’s largest democracy and also has the world’s largest education system but still India’s literacy rate is 74.04% have you ever wonder how this happens, it is due to low enrolment, government is not able to reach out to every child and their is many more reason on which I CAN Foundation is working on.

slum education  child education

See how I CAN Foundation is  contributing to the cause of education in India

Child Education is one of the biggest campaigns for this NGO, it’s not just a campaign I CAN Foundation works on grass root  level to spread quality education to unprivileged community.

  • Running campaigns for the parents and the communities in order to spread awareness on the importance of getting good education  to their children.

  • Pushing parents to enroll their children in good school and providing then financial help too. I CAN Foundation provides free education to the most marginalized and deprived children of India. Also, this NGO take care for all the expenses for these children like textbooks, food, cloths, health, etc.

  • Slum areas and street are home to the large number of poor children who are far away from education. Children from these communities are mainly involved in child labour and child trafficking for these children no one comes out but I CAN Foundation’s main motive is to educate these children. For this, NGO volunteers working very hard day and night to groom these children and help these children to enroll in school.

I CAN Foundation will constantly work for for the rights of these children. State and Central Government and NGO together, can ensure that no child is left behind when it comes to getting education. You may also help us by Donating by online or Paytm to give every child a better future by this you will receive tax benefits and satisfaction too.


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